Who We Are

We are regular people:

  • Not super wealthy,
  • not snakes, and
  • not industry sharks

We are:

  1. Frustrated with the rich taking advantage of those less fortunate, and
  2. Committed to help you not get screwed!

There are about 1078 ways to get screwed in residential real estate, and our team has painfully learned life lessons from each deal.

In the deals we’ve done, we’ve found that:

  • Great deals turn into Good deals,
  • Good deals become Ok deals, and
  • OK deals result in Disaster
  • And most of the time there is someone who wants to take advantage of you

We wished someone would have warned us that 50% of the time deals fail is because dishonest people were involved. These people often include the deal organizer, partners, and also the paid professionals!

Sadly, it’s easy for them to do when they know the written and unwritten rules better than you do.

Failure is a great teacher that inspired our Innovative turn-key system.

We’ve pooled our experiences and devised a system to allow your college age children, friends, family, and almost anyone to be able to “Successfully” invest in residential investment properties.

  1. Successfully is the key term. Anyone can invest, and do, but few actually come out ahead after “all expenses”.
  2. All expenses is another key term that a majority of those believing they are ahead, only to find out sometime later they are in the negative. Many non-experienced investors fail to fully track their expenses against income and overtime either lose their property or hold a liability with the false hope that they can one day turn it around.
Non-experienced investors fail to consider things such as:

Repair issues, people issues, partner problems, legal costs, agent and closing costs, permits, rental rates, vacancy rates in the area, property management fees, property management over charges and lost income due to not getting in quality tenants fast enough or at all.

These things are just the tip of the iceberg, and diverse stories can fill up a book… or a nightmare length feature movie.

Education is expensive, time consuming, and very painful.

We are the first to admit that we spent $10,000 to $30,000 in education, coaching, courses, VHS, Audio Tapes, DVD’s, and mastermind groups. (including years and years of time and effort)

Spend less in education and much more in doing deals.

We learned a lot, but looked back and wished we knew what we know now, without depleting all our saving.

Frankly, we wish we could have:

  • Invested directly in deals
  • Had an experienced partner that would not, and could not screw us
  • Had a system that managed the investors and process for us
  • Protected us from all the skills we lacked

We wish we had BlockBuyer.com when we started investing.

We are also the faces of:

  • A Former founder of www.mauimastermind.com
  • Maui Mastermind Investors
  • A Former Rocket Scientist
  • Investors that lost over $100,000’s in personal savings in bad residential property deals
  • Founder of BidDay.com (Company Acquired in 2015)
  • Current owners of rental properties
  • Software Architects
  • Expert advisor to Fannie Mae’s Directors of Distressed Homes
  • Technology founders deep in real estate data services
  • Authors for Donald Trump’s courses at Trump University
  • Attorney’s who volunteered their time, because they believe in our mission
  • A Financial Strategist that reported to a California tech Billionaire, now managing investor compliance for another billion-dollar company
  • A few professionals that vacationed with the tech Billionaire
  • A 20-year veteran of the SEC who guided our teams
  • A team of programmers and designers who “volunteered” to build BlockBuyer systems
  • Two leading data manipulation experts…. Possibly top 5% in the nation?
  • Hackers who got screwed by wealthy people
  • Hackers who want to make a difference
  • The who’s who of the real estate industry that want to remain anonymous
BlockBuyer has been admitted to EvoNexus, the non-profit technology incubator and hub for Southern California’s startup community designed to accelerate the growth and success of entrepreneurial companies. BlockBuyer's admission to this highly competitive incubator is a testament to BlockBuyer's business model and technology.
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