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Edward Borio – Founder

Prior to founding some of the great companies below, Mr. Borio was a Rocket Scientist at the Boeing Company where he worked on the Delta IV Rockets, Space Station, Delta III Rockets, and also worked on the Apache Attack Helicopter. He graduated with the highest distinction of Summa Cum Laude and holds a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Michigan State University.

Mr. Borio is Founder of www.BlockBuyer.com, a real estate crowdfunding platform for any investors wanting to invest in Fix & Flip or Fix & Rent houses. Most other companies only allow the top 7% of the wealthy in the USA to invest with others in deals, and BlockBuyer changes this Wealthy ONLY game!

BlockBuyer turns everything upside down to allow ANYONE to invest, get paid FIRST before the expert flipper does, does NOT include management fees, offers transparency throughout the project, and builds in features to protect investors.

Prior to founding BlockBuyer, Mr. Borio was President & Founder of www.BidDay.com, an online residential auction platform since 2006 with customers including Fannie Mae, Bank Of America, Auction.com, Hudson & Marshall, Williams & Williams Auction, Investor groups, bulk portfolio companies and, of course individual investors across the nation.

Fannie Mae honored Mr. Borio with a status of the “Fastest and User Friendly Technology Provider” in 2007, 2008, 2009, and 2010. At one point BidDay was selling over 650 properties per week!

Prior to BidDay, Mr. Borio was the owner of a Modular home company, building as many as 4 homes a month, and holding ownership of 109 homes simultaneously as a rental portfolio consisting of both modular and stick built houses. Mr. Borio’s expertise is taking on the biggest challenges that include refining business chaos into an beautiful efficient work of art. An example of this was reducing modular home construction and installation time from 97 days to only 32 days after delivery.

Mr. Borio is one of the leading experts in the US for residential property sold online.

With great insight and personal investment experience in the industry, he’s documented the 1068 ways to get screwed in Real Estate. His passion is to protect new and seasoned investors from these 1068 ways of being taken advantage of by dishonest people, which led to building BlockBuyer.

BlockBuyer mission is to combat dishonesty and build in protection for investors so they can invest with less risk with greater profits, with minimal cash, and of course with minimal fees. This is a TALL order that over 3 years was delivered! Crowd Investors feel the love and care of Mr. Borio’s mission and passion while using BlockBuyer.com.

“Love & Protect our Crowd Investors” is one of the 15 principles of BlockBuyer’s mission.

Show up and you will receive:

A VIP tour of BlockBuyer's Crowdfunding Platform
Early access for non-public Fix & Flip local deals

Trusted Expert Partners are seeking small investors as partners on their new deals ($500 min investment!)

Would you like to invest with them, and get paid first?

You'll have oversight on the rehab in real time with before/after images, video updates, and of course status updates to let you know how the project is progressing.

This webinar is pure training on how to manage your investments and work with experts in the valley.


  • NO DVD'S

Stop investing in expensive courses, and invest DIRECTLY in the property instead!


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